AA Volume 4 – Preorders Shipping June 2019


Book & LP / 38 page essay / color and bw images / edition of 500 / isbn 978-0-9966427-3-6 / Design: Elana Schlenker / Text: Godfre Leung  / $50  (excl. shipping)

Product Description

This project is in response to finding a 50 year old audio recording of Ansel Adams typing an unknown letter. It takes the form of a hardcover book with 38-page essay by Godfre Leung, sheet music, print of a typewriter drawing by Lenka Clayton, and 12″ LP featuring new sound compositions by Lenka Clayton, Chris Duncan, Barbara Held, Michael Masura Flora, Jonathan Kaiser, Tiffany Ng, Steve Roden, Greg Pond & Cesar Léal. Design by Studio Elana Schlenker